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It's a boy!

August 27, 2007

From the day we found out I was expecting our third child we knew what her name would be – Olivia Ann. As the pregnancy progressed, it was very different from my other two, and so I knew it was a girl. After my second son was born I had prayed long and hard that one day I would have my little girl, and we were only having three kids, so this next one must be the girl! Mark 11:24 rang loud and clear in my mind, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe you have received it and it will be yours.”  So I did everything I could to demonstrate my faith, including donating all my baby boy clothes to the local pregnancy resource center.

Naturally, when my ultrasound revealed that I was expecting another boy I was completely shocked. I actually cried. I was depressed for weeks. I didn’t even want to think about the baby. There were times that I didn’t even want to be pregnant anymore. How could God let me down like this? 

Of course you know how this story goes…eventually I got used to the idea of having another boy. Instead of mourning all the things I would miss, I started to remember all the wonderful things that I loved about having boys. And when little Sawyer was born I couldn’t have been more delighted with him. He is such a sweet boy and I can’t imagine life without him. And my two older sons are really turning into little gentlemen. I love knowing that I have a part in helping them to become future husbands and fathers.

And now when I’m shopping for birthday presents, I breathe a sigh of relief that I don’t have to venture down the pink aisle. I don’t really care much for Barbie, and I have never really been into dress up and tea parties. And a silent rush of contentment fills my heart when I hear the shrill screams of my friend’s daughter when she doesn’t get her way. And I am ever grateful that I won’t have to put up with the drama involved with teenage girls and their hormones.

So, did God let me down? Well, God sees a much bigger picture than I do, and often His plans are not the same as mine. There may be a baby girl in the future that wasn’t part of my plan. There may be another baby boy. Or there may be no babies at all. But through all this I have learned that sometimes God knows what I want more than I do.

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  1. Kim permalink
    August 27, 2007 7:53 pm

    Someone has to have boys to make up for all the girls we have 🙂

  2. Eric permalink
    August 27, 2007 7:58 pm

    This is really cool. I teared up.

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