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my prayer for every day

September 1, 2007

Dear Father,

I need you to walk with me

and give me the strength I will need to get through this day.

I need your Spirit to guide my thoughts, actions and words

as I take on the challenges that will inevitably come.

Help me to be diligent and use my time wisely

so that I can be at peace knowing that my work is done.


Give me the energy I need to keep up with three active boys

and help them to grow to be more like you.

Help me to make the most of every opportunity to build their character.

Help me to be an example of your love

and to be patient, kind and gentle, and in control of my emotions.

Help me to use discipline to teach them, not to punish them.

Help me to make an effort

to show my love to each of my children today.


Help me to make my marriage a priority

and make the effort to build our relationship every day.

Help me to teach my children to honor their father by first honoring him myself.


I pray that our home will be filled with joy and laughter

and that it would be a place of peace and rest.




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