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September 5, 2007

I am a little late in writing this post. My middle child turned 5 last week, and I have been meaning to write a little tribute to him. As usual, life got in the way.

Grant…where to begin? He is, all in one rambunctious little bundle, one of the sweetest and toughest and most stubborn children I have ever known. He has always been my cuddliest child, eager to crawl in bed and snuggle up next to me on a Saturday morning. He is giving and generous, ready to share even the last bite of his cookie if he thinks it will make someone happy.

He is a tank. I have seen him sustain some pretty awful injuries without even shedding a tear. Even when he was just a baby, he’s always very quick to brush off his hurt and keep on playing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a big crash somewhere in the house followed by “I’m okay!!” He’s always okay.

He is affectionately known as “Grantzilla” at our house. For some reason, he just cannot resist trouble. For a long time I knew that if I left him alone in a room, even for just a minute, I would return to find something broken. He is learning some self control now, but if his brother gets on his bad side, look out!

His emotions run very deep. He loves with his whole heart. But when he is sad, it is a completely heartbreaking kind of sad. I think life as the middle child has been a little rough for him. He was my baby for four years, and now there is a new baby for me to cuddle and snuggle. He sees his big brother doing so many cool things, and I fear that Grant feels a little lost right now. I pray that I can find little ways every day to make him feel special and nurture his sweet spirit.

I love you, Grant.


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