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a week of magic

October 1, 2007

disney-8.jpgWe’re home from our trip to Orlando. What a week! It was the first time that any of us, except my husband, had been to Disney World. It was neat to experience it all with my parents and my children at the same time. We were sad to leave all the magic, but it is good to be back to Georgia’s beautiful fall weather. It is definitely still summer in Orlando!

I won’t try to write about everything we did, but I wanted to mention a few of the highlights. Harrison would definitely say that Space Mountain was his favorite ride. He was terrified of it the first time, but after we convinced him to ride it again, he loved it. He went at least 6 times in two days. Grant was scared of almost all the faster rides, but surprisingly, he loved the Test Track at Epcot. Otherwise, he was content to spend all his time on It’s a Small World and Peter Pan. I loved it all, but I have to say, I was most impressed with the Baby Care Centers at each of the parks. It was so nice to have a quiet, air-conditioned place to take the baby to feed and change him. Much different from our experiences at Six Flags where your nursing choices are limited to a stall in a bathroom or on a bench with a crowd of curious eyes surrounding you.

disney-11.jpg    disney-12.jpg    disney-2.jpg 

Another of our favorite moments was when we got a seat at a character dinner at the last minute. We were all so intrigued by the characters, we didn’t want to eat! Pluto was definitely our favorite. He’s so friendly and lovable!

disney-1.jpg    disney-7.jpg    disney-10.jpg

It was magical for all of us. There were several moments each day that my husband and I watched through misty eyes as our children experienced things they’ve only dreamed of. They got to be astronauts and race car drivers at Epcot, pirates at the Magic Kingdom, intergalactic travellers at MGM, and adventurers on safari at Animal Kingdom. It was certainly a vacation to remember.

disney-5.jpg    disney-13.jpg    disney-4.jpg

But now we are all exhausted, suffering from a minor bug we picked up while we were there, and it is time to get back to reality – schoolwork, laundry, and all else that is unmagical. 😦


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  1. sillydreamer permalink
    October 3, 2007 7:28 pm

    We had our first Disney visit in June and it was so awesome! We didn’t want to leave either and can’t wait to go back.

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