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the toy box

October 10, 2007

My littlest one has developed an interesting habit. He’ll pull himself up to the toy box and browse the array of toys he has available. Then one by one, he picks them up, and tosses them behind his back. After a while, he’ll set his eye on a particular toy that is just out of his reach. He’ll struggle and grunt, pushing himself as far into the toy box as he can get, reaching and reaching with all his might. When he finally accomplishes his goal, he promptly tosses the toy, along with all the others, behind his back to the floor and moves on to the next unreachable toy.

I’m not sure what exactly he is trying to accomplish. But after watching him for a while, I realize how much we are like him sometimes. We become discontent with all the stuff in our life, so we set our eye on something big – something just out of reach. As long as it is unreachable, it monopolizes our thoughts and our time. We focus all our efforts on getting that one thing or accomplishing that goal, and then as soon as we have it, we lose interest. Soon it becomes just another toy in the pile, and we turn our focus to something else.

I pray that I will be able to keep the things in my life in their proper place. It is so easy to be distracted by all that the world has to offer and to let my focus drift off of God. I want to teach our children to have a healthy perspective about stuff, instead of viewing the world as one giant toy box.

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