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don't blame it on the dryer

October 16, 2007

A couple years ago my husband started working in the city, after several years of working from home. Obviously his favorite t-shirt and shorts are no longer appropriate work attire. I loathe ironing, and I am really, really bad at it, so that is the one household chore that I refuse to do. After several attempts to make his clothes look nice without ironing, we soon realized that an occasional visit to the dry cleaner was unavoidable. So, despite all my efforts over the last eight years to keep our home free of wire hangars, they are finally beginning to accumulate.

Yesterday I got to spend a good part of my afternoon untangling a mass of the horrid hangars that the baby managed to get his hands on. It was then that I remembered something a friend of mine shared with me years ago. She said, “People always wonder what happens to the socks that go missing in the dryer. In reality, it isn’t the dryer’s fault. The truth is, all socks eventually turn into wire hangars.”

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  1. kermooch permalink
    October 16, 2007 12:59 pm

    Thank you for lifting the guilt from my shoulders! I, too, loathe ironing and have rationalized dry cleaning as an unavoidable work expense. We are a wash and wear family, except when absolutely necessary.

    (We use our wire hangars twice a year for consignment sale clothes, but no matter how far back in the closet I store them, they still manage to turn into a wiry sculpture)

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