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rainy Monday

October 22, 2007

Early this morning I woke to the sound of rain.

By now I’m sure that news of the drought in Georgia has reached most of the people who read this blog. In the last month, what started out as a moderate concern over our diminishing water supply has risen to near panic statewide.

Last night my 6 year old son came to me very concerned about the water situation. I could tell that he had been pondering the ramifications of a water shortage on his own little life. He started asking all kinds of ‘what if’ questions, like “what if we can’t brush our teeth and I get cavities?” I answered all of his questions the best that I could, until the last one. He said “what will we do if the lakes dry up?” Then I began to wonder… what would we do? Obviously there would be water rationing, and life would be significantly different for a while, but how bad could it really get?  I was stumbling to come up with the right answer, when he jumped up and said “I know what to do!”

Right then and there he bowed his head and prayed for rain. Oh, to have the faith of a child! How much easier would life be if my first answer to every problem was simply pray?

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