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the boys on marriage

October 29, 2007

A little over a year ago, my oldest son, then 5, came to me and told me that he had decided to marry Caroline. She is a sweet girl with long blonde hair that played on his soccer team. I knew he liked her because he always cheered for her when she played, and he was more excited about her points than his own. When he made this grand announcement, his little brother was suddenly upset because he hadn’t chosen a wife yet. At first he decided he would marry Mommy, but after some careful consideration, he settled on Grandma.

He hasn’t seen Caroline much since then, and I’ve spent a lot of time over the last year trying to tell him gently that he has plenty of time to find a wife, and that he may not even know Caroline when he is old enough to get married. Of course that idea was completely unfathomable to him. But a few days ago I think he finally got the idea. While we were sitting down for lunch, he relayed his new plan.

He said, “I think I’ll go out and hunt for my wife when I am 21.” Then he added, “and of course I’ll need a tow truck.” My mind was going in circles trying to imagine what in the world he would need a tow truck for when he said, “I’ll be searching the whole earth, and I might run out of gas.”

When I asked him what kind of wife he was looking for, he said “she has to be nice, and she has to like the same things I like.” I thought that was pretty reasonable, but then he added, “because when she cooks for me, I don’t want her to make anything I don’t like.”

The little one has broadened his horizons as well. We finally convinced him to look outside the family for the girl he would marry. So, he said his wife will be nice too, and she’ll be wearing a shirt just like Mommy’s.

I think maybe we need to discuss this marriage thing a little further. 🙂

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