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change of plans

October 30, 2007

For the last week I’ve been up very late every night working on the boys’ Halloween costumes. I used to make their costumes every year, but I haven’t done it for a while. This year they are supposed to be characters from the Wizard of Oz – the Tin Man, Scarecrow, and one tiny little Cowardly Lion. Originally we were all going to dress up, but there just isn’t time for a Wizard and a Dorothy right now.

I had planned to spend most of Saturday working on the costumes. I was supposed to work one of the rides at the church carnival, then I would spend the rest of the day working on the costumes. Well, some old friends that I don’t see nearly often enough came to the carnival. We ended up staying at the carnival longer than I planned and afterward they came over and spent the rest of the evening with us. I didn’t get to work on the costumes until 11 that night. I have to admit, there was a nagging voice in my ear the whole day, telling me that I was never going to get those costumes done. But I made myself ignore it and just enjoy the time I had to spend with them. I worked on the costumes as much as I could, but it quickly became apparent that without a couple of all-nighters, there was no way to get them finished.

Yesterday afternoon, my 5 year old came down from his nap looking awful. By bedtime, my oldest had a pretty high fever. This morning they are all coughing and congested, and generally miserable. So we had a discussion over breakfast this morning and have decided that there will be no trick-or-treating this year. Instead, we will save our Wizard of Oz costumes for next year (when maybe Mom and Dad can dress up too) and have a family Halloween party instead.

Sometimes I think I am borderline schizophrenic when it comes to my routine. When I make a plan for something, it is really, really hard for me to let it go. But God has really been pressing on me lately that I need to be more flexible, especially with things that are trivial, like Halloween costumes. I need to be more willing to let God change my plans. He knew the kids would be sick for Halloween long before I did. He knew that my time Saturday would be much better spent visiting with friends than locked in my room with my sewing machine.

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