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long night

October 31, 2007

Before I got in bed last night I heard the very familiar seal-bark cough coming from upstairs. Anyone with kids knows that is the sound of croup. I was a little surprised to hear it, because I thought the boys had pretty much grown out of it. But when I listened more closely I realized it was coming from the baby’s room.

One good thing about being on child number three is that the long nights don’t take my by surprise anymore. I knew the minute I heard the cough that I wouldn’t get much sleep. I went to bed knowing that at some point I would be headed up the stairs to comfort the baby.

Sure enough, by 11:30 he was coughing enough that he couldn’t sleep. If you are familiar with croup, you know that the more upset they get, the harder it will be for them to breathe. All my efforts to console him failed, so I pulled him out of bed and he and I spent the rest of the night on the couch.

This morning, as is typical of croup, the child who seemed deathly ill at 2 AM is now playing and laughing, while I sit here in a fog with my third cup of coffee.

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