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November 14, 2007
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I have a confession…

I make lists. I make lists compulsively. God built me with an insatiable desire for organization, but just for fun, he left out the necessary mental capacity to go along with it. I am so scatterbrained, listmaking is the only way I can get anything done. I start most days with a list of my goals for the day. Every time I think I have a few extra minutes, I go back to the list to find something else to do. On a good day, everything gets crossed off the list. On a bad day, just after I get the kids in bed and the house is finally quiet, I remember that I had a list.

When we were getting ready for our trip to Disney, my listmaking was completely out of control. I started with a list of everything we needed to pack. Then I divided the main list into separate lists for each bag, with another list for the things not yet assigned to a bag. I also had an additional list for things that I needed to purchase for each bag. When I purchased the item, it was removed from the “to purchase” list, and added to the “to pack” list. I had four lists for our groceries for the trip. My main list was divided into 3 smaller lists, one for each person shopping, organized by the items’ locations in the store. When we finally arrived, all I forgot was toothpaste. Ok, so I guess my lists aren’t foolproof. But just imagine all the things I would have missed if I hadn’t made the lists!

Now that I have given due attention to my blog, I can go cross one more thing off my list for the day 🙂 .

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