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a buffet of toast

November 16, 2007

The boys don’t really have a lot of choices when it comes to mealtimes. For dinner, they get to eat what I fix, whether they like it or not (and usually they don’t). Our lunches rarely stray from the standard PB&J. So, I try to give them a little leeway when it comes to breakfast. I don’t cook an elaborate meal for breakfast during the week. If I turn on the stove at all, it is for eggs or oatmeal. So, they have gotten pretty creative in their search for variety. This morning my middle child came to me with a request for peanut butter toast with raisins on it. The oldest settled on one plain butter toast, one cinnamon toast, and one toast with butter and blackberry jam. I can only imagine the array of toast I’ll be making in the morning when the baby is old enough to choose. For now he’s content with his applesauce.

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