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the haircut

December 1, 2007
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Well, we took Amber to the groomer today. Her long beautiful hair was getting out of control. Despite bathing and weekly brushing, she was always looking scraggly and her fur was matted. So, we took her in and asked them to do whatever looked the best. I think PetSmart lost our dog and switched her out with a poodle, because this is NOT the same dog we dropped off. 

Here is Amber the GoldenDoodle before:



And here is Amber the Goldendoodle after 3 hours of grooming:


It is going to take some getting used to for all of us. I think she looks fine, she just doesn’t look like our dog. She’s a little froo froo for our family. She was such a teddy bear before. Oh well, I know she’s the same dog on the inside, because she still digs Q-tips out of the trash and burps when I scold her.

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