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the little things

January 4, 2008
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Yesterday we learned to appreciate some of the little things that I don’t usually even think about, like running water and heat. When I woke up, I remember thinking that the house felt a little cold, but after spending a night enveloped in the warmth of a down comforter, the house always feels cold. The kids were huddled together on the couch in a blanket, and I noticed that the baby’s hands and feet were unusually chilly, so I checked the thermostat. It was 62 degrees. Normally by that time in the morning the house should be warmed up to 70, and even at its coldest temperature in the middle of the night it would only be 66, so I knew something was wrong. I called Eric and my brother and we determined that it was possible that some part of the system was frozen, but there was nothing I could do about it. We didn’t want to spend the money to have the repairman come for something ridiculously simple, so we decided that we would just deal with the cold house until Eric got home from work. Fortunately, our house has two heating units, and the one upstairs was working just fine. By 10:00 the house had cooled to 59 degrees. We were all bundled up in robes and sweats and footy pajamas, but it was still too cold to be downstairs, so we spent the rest of the day upstairs.

When it was time for the baby to have a nap, I decided I could finally go take a shower. I turned on the water, looking forward to a nice, long warm break from the cold and difficult morning. I got in the shower and I was scalded. I hurriedly adjusted the water, but no matter what setting I chose, all that came out was hot. Apparently our cold water pipe was frozen. So I jumped out, dripping wet and freezing, and gave up on the shower for the day. Around 4:00 in the afternoon, the pipes finally thawed and the water was running smoothly, but the baby’s naptime had come and gone, so my shower remained only a dream.

By the time Eric came home we were all frustrated and bored and suffering from cabin fever from being confined to the only warm part of the house. He managed to have our heat fixed within 5 minutes. Apparently some connector inside the thermostat was bent. I can’t even imagine how it could just bend all on its own when it is locked inside the thermostats protective cover, but whatever.

I may joke about my husband’s ability to grocery shop, but a day like yesterday proves that I could never survive without him. Hon, you’re our hero 🙂

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  1. heiditheophilus permalink
    January 5, 2008 12:57 pm

    I’m blogging! Add me to your blog roll

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