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time for an upgrade?

January 9, 2008
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Sometimes it seems like life is just one upgrade after another.  We start out small -small house, small car, small TV – and then little by little we upgrade. We all do it. Even I am thinking about a flat screen TV for the Super Bowl, and I don’t even watch football!

But there is one popular upgrade that really bothers me. I heard an advertisement for a jewelry store the other day, trying to sell upgraded engagement rings. The speaker said “now you can get her the ring she really wanted.” Is that really what marriage is about – getting the ring you want?

My husband and I married very young. He was working late nights as a casino cashier at the time he proposed. He was making better than minimum wage, but still not much. He chose the best ring that he could afford. I thought it was beautiful then, and I still do. I would never trade it or upgrade it, even though I know that two months of his current salary could buy a much better ring. My ring reminds me of our humble beginning and the struggles we encountered in the early years of our relationship. I would never trade it for anything. It is a symbol of our committment to each other. Our committment hasn’t changed, and my ring never will either. Somehow I just can’t imagine saying, “this ring isn’t good enough…I want an upgrade!”

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  1. kermooch permalink
    January 9, 2008 3:16 pm

    I agree with you. We are bombarded by advertisements that say to ‘show her how much you love her with diamonds’ I don’t need those to know that my husband loves me. Not that there is anything wrong with having nice jewelry. I’m pretty simple anyway when it comes to my taste in jewelry – at least that’s what I tell myself because that’s not even a category in the budget 🙂 , but I can certainly see the lure.

    We were also young marrieds and I treasure my rings for the same reasons you said and would not trade them for an upgrade. However, I wouldn’t mind adding an anniversary band to them one day when we hit our silver anniversary -although with all these kids, it’s more likely to be our golden 🙂 Better start saving now…

  2. heiditheophilus permalink
    January 10, 2008 7:16 am

    Have you seen the movie “Blood Diamonds”? I’ll let you borrow it if you haven’t. You’ll hate those advertisements for diamonds even more after watching that movie!

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