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maybe a little too ambitious

January 31, 2008

The first month of 2008 is coming to a close, so it is a good time to revisit my resolutions.

I have been reading this month, but I haven’t even come close to reading a whole book. I started with Rhett Butler’s People, and so far I am really enjoying it, but I’ve only read three chapters. It is so hard to find the time so just sit and read. I find myself longing for a long wait at a doctor’s appointment so that I am forced to just sit and do nothing but read for a while. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my book to the only appointment we had – uggh!

The decorating is also going slower than I would like. I am technically tackling two rooms at the same time -the family room and my bedroom- two of the most expensive rooms to do, so I’m going to need more time to get them done. I have made some good progress in both rooms, but neither is finished. I always get a good laugh watching those decorating shows – you know, where the people whine about only having $1000 to spend in one room, and they call that “designing on a dime!” Ha! They should try designing on MY dime 🙂 . But seriously, the decorating dollar does not go very far! We rearranged the furniture in our room, which was great because it was FREE. That made space for my glider, so now I have a small reading area in my room (YAY!). We moved the drapes from the family room into our room (where they sit on the floor awaiting new rods) and I made new ones to better coordinate with the colors in the family room. The material was on clearance ($8.99 per yard instead of $19.99) but it still took every penny of my budget and then some. Eric let me use our saved up change jar money, so that bought me some red vases for the top of the bookshelf. Still nothing on any walls though…

My plan to feed my family fewer processed foods is going well. That one is not as hard as the others because it is a lifestyle change we’ve been gradually making for a long time. We’re just more deliberate about it now.

My photo albums are still empty, but thanks to Kerri’s great idea, I have renewed enthusiasm for this resolution. And besides, I have eleven more months to accomplish that one 🙂 .

I am working on the family schedule thing. I revamped my cleaning schedule early in the month and I managed to stick to it for two weeks. We had a few disruptions in our routine and I got off track a bit, but I’m getting right back into it this week. I haven’t been able to squeeze in any time for drawing/painting yet. I was thinking I might have some time on Saturday nights, but that hasn’t worked out. I’m still hopeful. The rest of the family’s schedule is a bit harder. With my husband now going to school two nights a week, it is hard to make a schedule that works for everyone. 

So, it seems that I may have been a little too ambitious. I’m still excited about doing all these things, but perhaps my timetable was a little unrealistic. I haven’t given up on anything, but I hope I don’t have these same goals on my list next January 🙂 .

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  1. kermooch permalink
    January 31, 2008 5:34 pm

    Considering you’re only one month into it, I’d say you’re doing great. I am guilty of being over-ambitious and then feeling like a failure when I don’t acheive my goals. So now I set the bar a lot lower. For instance, this week I was thrilled to do school and make dinner. If I managed a shower then I was really happy. I guess that I am just trying to live in a little place called reality (for me). So give yourself some credit – your ‘tearing it up’!

  2. scrabblenut permalink*
    January 31, 2008 5:45 pm

    Ahhh….the reality of life with a newborn 😉 Thanks Kerri.

  3. heiditheophilus permalink
    February 3, 2008 6:11 pm

    ha ha…kerri’s comment is funny…sadly, i, too am feeling good if i get a shower in, but not for the same reasons…mine is b/c i’m lazy…LOL 😉 as for not finding the time to read, accdg to kerri’s blog, if you have a baby & are nursing, it will provide you that time to sit & read (but not shower) so perhaps you should consider having a baby… of course, there are nursery-worker-selfish-motives in that recommendation, but i think you should take it under advisement 😉 LOL

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