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eating us out of house and home…update

February 15, 2008
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I think Amber the Goldendoodle is secretly reading my blog while I’m asleep. A couple weeks ago I wrote about her destructive behaviors. She must have read my title, because the next time we left her alone she actually did eat the house. She started chewing on the door frame and baseboards around our front door.

Oh, and do you recall what I originally said about the curtains?

“I noticed her chewing the curtain one day, so I tied it up. There are three other curtains in the room, all just as accessible as the one she chewed, but she doesn’t touch them. But if I ever let that one curtain down, she immediately wants to chew on it.”

The one curtain has been tied up for months, and she hasn’t touched the others. After I wrote that, I mean within the same week, she started chewing the other curtains!

So, Amber, if you’re reading this… just remember who buys your dog food.

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  1. February 16, 2008 7:23 pm

    lol, well goldendoodles are pretty smart, maybe she is reading your blog! We breed Goldendoodles and love them to death!

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