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10 things that are true in a house with all boys

March 6, 2008

10.  Toilets are NEVER clean. Before I had kids I swore that I would never have one of those bathrooms with drips and messes around the toilet. I can remember myself saying “I will teach my kids to keep a clean bathroom.” HA! After I realized the futility in that statement, I forbid the boys from using my bathroom just so I have a clean place to “go”. 

9. A dog is a requirement.

8. Every load of laundry is full of grass, leaves, sticks, and rocks.

7. Running out of band-aids is a crisis.

6. I have to appreciate snakes, snails, spiders, and everything else creepy-crawly, and occasionally expect to find them in the middle of the kitchen table.

5. There are holes in the knees of every pair of pants.

4. We have to pull the car over to watch trains, airplanes, or farm equipment.

3. Saturday morning means Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder.

2. Bodily functions are funny. It doesn’t matter how many times I discuss manners – a fart or a burp at the table is welcomed with a roar of laughter (from everyone except me).

1. There are plenty of heroes ready to come to my defense when Daddy is being a bully 😉 .

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