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happy birthday

March 28, 2008

My oldest son turns seven today. I still can’t believe that… seven.

He’s quite a kid. He loves to invent things. He is my little engineer. His life ambition is to build a real, working, life size transformer. He’s been drawing plans for months. He’s always building something and he wants to know how everything works. I’ve learned a lot myself from trying to answer his questions. He has a very busy little mind and I am anxious to see what becomes of that little mind as he grows.

His mind is busy in other ways too. He is one of the most emotional children I’ve ever met. Everything is dramatic. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard him say “I’m gonna die!” or “You are killing me!” But those emotions go both ways. It isn’t always negative. If I do something as simple as give him a piece of cheese while I’m making dinner, suddenly I become “the greatest Mom in the universe.”

He’s also a collector. He collects everything he can get his hands on, and he hates to throw anything away. He has asked me if he could save shrimp shells, egg shells, and onion peels. He tells me, “but Mom, I can recycle these!” Last summer our dog had been running through the woods and she came back with a bunch of those little prickly seeds stuck in her fur. My son helped me pull them out one by one. When he saw that we were accumulating quite a pile, he said “Mom, I want to collect these!” Fortunately I was able to channel that desire to collecting buttons instead.

Our life has been anything but boring since that little one made his debut. He challenges me in so many ways. Some days it is exhausting. But every time I get the opportunity to be away, I miss him the minute he is out of my sight. I am so thankful for his curious mind and his sensitive heart, and I pray that we would be able to nurture him and channel his energy in a way that will make the most of the desires God has given him.

Happy Birthday Harrison!


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  1. Kim permalink
    March 28, 2008 9:05 am

    He is so cute! All your boys are adorable.

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