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10 things I can’t live without

March 31, 2008

 Okay, this one is strictly tongue in cheek. I know I could live without all of these things, but would I really want to? 🙂

10. My sewing machine. My house would be completely empty without it. I have made curtains for just about every room in the house, two different bedding sets for our room and bedding for every child. I can’t imagine paying retail prices for all that stuff.

9. Flip flops. Enough said.

8. My vacuum. For years I used a Hoover Windtunnel Bagless Vacuum that I absolutely hated. I assumed that expensive = good vacuum. WRONG. I could pick up the dirt off the floor by hand faster than that thing could clean. I wanted a new vacuum for a long time, but it just never seemed to be a big enough priority. One day my husband tried to use it and the very next day we went vacuum shopping 🙂 Now I have a cheap Eureka Boss SmartVac. I don’t know how “smart” it is, but it sure is a cleaning machine!

7. My microplane. For all of you that are saying, “micro-what?” – it is a very sharp, very fine grater. I use it mostly for zesting citrus and shredding fresh Parmesan cheese. It is indeed my very favorite small kitchen tool.

6. The kitchen CD player/radio that my hubby got for me for Christmas. I can’t tell you how much nicer it is to work in the kitchen with a little background music.

5. Books. I love to read. Sometimes I have to force myself to turn off the computer and pick up a book, but I really do love to get lost in a story.

4. My Kitchen Aid mixer. My hubby gave it to me for our first married Christmas. I didn’t use it a lot at first because it was always in the back of a cabinet. But now we have a place where I can keep it out and I use it several times a week. It is definitely worth all the Food Network hype.

3. My laptop. Duh. We lived with our old tired desktop for many years, and finally got a laptop a few months ago. Now our poor lonely desktop rarely gets turned on, and then it is only to retrieve an old document or something.

2. My pillow. I have THE MOST FABULOUS pillow on the planet. I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond a few years ago and really, it is like a cloud. My husband liked it so much that every time I got out of bed I would return to find him sleeping on my pillow instead of his. We tried to get him one just like it, but apparently the company changed the way they make them because his goes flat and he ends up sleeping on mine anyway 😦 .

1. My coffee cup. It is the last remaining cup out of a set of four that my mom gave me for Christmas the first year I was married. I seriously have an unhealthy attachment to that cup. If a guest comes over and inadvertently chooses that cup to use, it is like watching them put on my underwear! I know that one day it will get broken. It is inevitable. So, I’m always on the lookout for a replacement cup. I bought one at Disney World with a picture of Eeyore that reads ‘another blustery day’. It really suits me well, so every now and then I force myself to use it, kind of like coffee cup training.

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