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10 things I’ve learned in the last week

April 28, 2008

10. A diet consisting of only Cheerios and milk produces white poop. The latest virus to hit our house took aim at the little one’s appetite. For about 5 days all he ate was Cheerios. And well… now I know. 🙂

9. With a sheet of paper, tape, scissors, some string, and a few plastic drinking straws, a curious seven year old can build a race car. 

8. There is something called the Georgia State Defense Force, where people with no military training can get involved and serve our country without fear of being shipped overseas.

7. Triple Creek Flower Farm in Winston is a GREAT place. The whole place is beautifully landscaped with all the plants they sell, so you can see what everything looks like when it is grown. The prices are a tiny bit on the high side, maybe a little higher than Home Depot, but oh my goodness, you get what you pay for. Their service is incredible and they can answer absolutely any question you have about the plants. They are going to custom order a cherry tree for me to match my existing one, so that I can have one on each side of the driveway.  

6. When you are rearranging and transplanting landscape plants, you should take into account the plants that will be missing when they are moved. Duh, I know. But sometimes I am not so bright. We’ve got a bit of re-planting to do because I messed up. 😦

5. My baby is ready to move up to the toddler class at church. 😦

4. Disability benefits are denied 70% of the time. My 68 year old father injured his back and we are exploring the ins and outs of the social security system. The website indicates that it will take several months to process all the forms and that only 30% of the claims are approved. What a headache. I guess it is good that he has 5 children to take care of him.

3. My little house finches may not be expert builders, but they are awesome parents. From before sunrise to after sunset they hunt for food for their little ones, returning every 10-15 minutes to feed them.

2. The sound of baby birds chirping at the sight of their parents is one of the happiest sounds in the world, second only to a baby’s laughter.

1. Graham cracker crumbs + butter + 1/4 cup of SALT = a ruined pie crust 😦 . Okay, I probably knew that before this week.

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