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baby talk

May 30, 2008

My little one is really beginning to master the use of the English language. He understands most of what I say and can follow simple instructions. He has probably close to a hundred words that he uses regularly now, and he will make an attempt to say just about everything. He is becoming quite the little parrot. But talking at such an early age has its drawbacks, too.

One of his very first words was “ow,” as in “ouch”. I guess that probably comes from growing up in a house full of rowdy boys. But recently he has decided that “ow” will be his response to all of my attempts to control his behavior. If he starts walking toward the street and I steer him the other direction, he says ow. When we are at a soccer game and I won’t let him out on the field, he says ow.  When we are at the movie theater and I hold him so that he can’t climb out of my lap, he screams OW! OW! OW! Now I’m sure you can all imagine what that must sound like. And lately, his answer to any question that sounds remotely unpleasant is “nope”. Are you poopy? Nope. Are you ready to go inside? Nope. Are you ready for bed? Nope.

He has also made me painfully aware of my lecturing style. I don’t remember the occasion, but a few weeks ago I was giving the boys an earful about something, and my sweet little one stood in the background saying very firmly, “evoo! evoo! evoo!” Translation: “ever! ever! ever!”. Now anytime his brothers or the dog do anything to upset him I hear “evoo! evoo! evoo!” Sometimes I think I’m learning more from my children than they are learning from me. 🙂

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