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the art of being a girl

July 4, 2008

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately written by women who excel in the art of being feminine and girly, with posts ranging from hair and feet to fingernail files and playing princess with little girls. I would not consider myself a girly girl. In fact, I’d say I am pretty much at the opposite end of the spectrum. Growing up, my nearest sibling (chronologically speaking) was my big brother whom I idolized and followed and tried in every way to imitate – much like Scout and Jem Finch. Then add to that the fact that God has blessed me with three boys… Beauty and primping and shopping and shoes just don’t really fit into my life. My husband’s side of the closet has easily double the clothes and shoes as mine. He has a job that requires an expansive wardrobe, while my job calls for jeans and a t-shirt.

That’s not to say I’ve never wanted to be girly. My best friend throughout my childhood was a girly girl. She played the flute and took ballet and her room was painted peach and filled with porcelain dolls. I was envious. (Pause to let out a sigh of nostalgia). And my sister and her two beautiful daughters make me feel like I just crawled out from under a rock every time I am near them (not deliberately, just a natural consequence of their limitless knowledge of beauty and style).

One of those neices is getting married the first of August, so yesterday we took the whole family shopping for wedding clothes. We spent the entire day going from store to store. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds. Everyone was actually very well behaved, even the little one who went without a nap until 5 PM! I only had to chase him out from behind a check out counter once. 🙂 

Anyway, getting back to the point – I had the hardest time finding anything to wear. I found a perfect dress at Dillard’s, but it was $70, and I just couldn’t justify that. So after scouring clearance racks at several different stores I came up with two complete skirt and top outfits for less than half the price of that one dress at Dillard’s. I really think I might have the shopping gene in there somewhere.

Just as I was beginning to feel confident in my shopping abilities, it occurred to me that I had no shoes to wear with either outfit. So off we went to the shoe store. I walked in armed with the skirt I plan to wear to the wedding (and pretending I knew what I was talking about) and told the lady that I needed a pair of shoes to go with the skirt. She immediately directed me to this lovely pair of sparkly bronze heels, that would incidentally, go with BOTH outfits. It was love at first sight.

But when I took one look at my feet in those shoes, I wanted to cry. I have inherited horrifically wide feet from both sides of my family. Wide feet with short stubby toes. And even worse, I have never had a pedicure in my entire life. They were definitely showing signs of neglect! So before the sales lady came back and saw my hobbit feet in those lovely shoes, I tucked them into the box and said “I’ll take them!” I then inquired about their return policy, knowing that if I couldn’t perform a miracle with my feet in the next 4 weeks I would have to return the shoes.

So this morning I spent an hour in the shower scrubbing and filing with this handy four-stage pedicure thingy. My husband joked that I was trying to file a quarter inch off each side of my foot. I laughed, but I was secretly wondering if I could actually accomplish that! Well, so far my feet don’t seem to be any smaller, but they certainly are smoother and prettier. Who knows, maybe I can turn myself into a girl by the end of the month after all.

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  1. July 4, 2008 2:24 pm

    You might just have to cave and get that pedicure. My stepmom treated me to my first one ever last month while we were visiting them and I have to say that I can see why people get hooked on them. It was very relaxing and it did wonders for my feet – especially considering that my husband calls me Huck Finn since I like to go barefoot alot. And the nail polish is actually still looking pretty good, even after a few weeks.

    And if you do decide to go and need someone to keep you company, I’m there for ya!

  2. scrabblenut permalink*
    July 4, 2008 3:02 pm

    I’ve always been scared to death of a pedicure. I hate my feet. But maybe after a couple more weeks of foot pampering, I won’t be so self-conscious. You know, kind of like cleaning up for the maid. I will certainly keep your offer in mind, though. 🙂

  3. July 5, 2008 12:26 am

    If you ever need someone girly to help you go shopping, I’ll be happy to go! And I’m pretty great at knowing where the bargains are. I just bought Georgia 5 cute new t-shirts at Walmart for $1 each – a few for now & a few that will be her size by next year to stock up 🙂 I bought 2 skorts for her for $3.50 each on clearance at Target.

    I also would be willing to “hold your hand” during a pedicure…of course, as long as I’m sitting in the massage chair next to you. HA 🙂

    I wish you all the best in this newfound world of girliness. Be careful not to get sucked in b/c its easier to enter than to get out!!!

  4. July 10, 2008 4:52 pm

    I have wide, short feet. Come to think of it I’m wide and short as well. At least my feet uh, fit. I don’t even have toes they are so small! So I feel your shoe pain.

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