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unfamiliar territory

July 28, 2008

There was more pink and purple in my house this weekend than there has been in all the time we’ve lived here. My neice had her 6th birthday party at my house. I browsed the pink aisle at Wal-Mart for the first time in my adult life, I bought pink and purple balloons, made a pink and purple cake, she opened pink and purple presents. The whole day was in shocking contrast to our normal life of superheroes, building toys, and bodily functions.

She wanted a strawberry-filled Hello Kitty cake. I have to admit that when her mom approached me about a cake, my first thought was “who on Earth is hello kitty?” My boys said the exact same thing. But thanks to google images, I will have Hello Kitty burned into memory for all eternity. Thankfully she’s a fairly simple character to recreate, so my first attempt at a little girl birthday cake was a success.

hello kitty!

blowing out the candles

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  1. laurenst permalink
    July 28, 2008 7:17 pm

    That is so cute! I can’t believe you don’t know who Hello Kitty is? Well, maybe I can, boys & all. You are such a wonderful cook!

  2. July 28, 2008 8:34 pm

    Yeah the land of pink is a rather different place. Sigh

  3. Debby Morton permalink
    July 31, 2008 9:03 pm

    Kendra you are very talented when it comes to making cakes and I am storing this in my memory bank for future reference LOL!

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