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September 10, 2008

Early Tuesday morning there was a blog post rattling around in my brain. I thought that since I had posted about all my homeschooling-with-a-toddler woes, I should take some time to write about all the progress we had made. We had finally begun to develop a good routine, a more realistic one than I had envisioned at the beginning. I had discovered that the little guy could play a game on the computer, learning shapes, colors and numbers, and be completely entertained for 45 minutes to an hour. It was great, the only drawback being that his brothers have fond memories of playing the same game and have a hard time focusing on their studies. A movie provides another 30-45 minutes of good education time, for all of them. While I was busy teaching singular and plural nouns, the little guy was learning all his letter sounds, thanks to The Letter Factory. (I LOVE that video!) In between the computer and the movie, we would read, play with puzzles and blocks, etc… It was finally beginning to feel like I had things under control.

Until yesterday.

He started off the day with a mouthful of dog food. I thought he was over that habit, but I guess I was wrong. So, I picked up the dog dish and headed upstairs to get the boys started on their work. When I came back down the stairs to retrieve him, I found him standing in the middle of the living room, holding his blanket, and saying “wet”. After looking closer, I realized that he had stuffed his freshly washed blanket into the dog’s water bowl, and then dragged it to the middle of the living room. The blanket was soaked. He was soaked. The floor was soaked. So I strip him down to his diaper, toss the clothes in the dryer, rewash the blanket, and clean up the floor.

By that point, the boys were already behind with school, so instead of taking him upstairs to disturb them, I decided to put him in his high chair with a snack. Peaches and Teddy Grahams and a cup of milk. I congratulate myself for not losing my mind, and I head back upstairs. I check on him three or four times, all is well. About the time I figured he was done with his snack and ready to join us, I discover that he has taken the lid off his cup and dumped it out, creating a lovely Teddy Graham, peach, and milk slurry to play in. By the time I got downstairs, he had covered himself and the high chair and was beginning to fling it around the room. I take a deep breath and begin the clean up process. Again.

About that time, my brother who has been building a deck for us, came in for lunch. He started playing with Mr. Messmaker, so I took the opportunity to go back upstairs and try to reclaim the school day. About 30 minutes later, I came back downstairs to relieve my brother. But apparently he didn’t get the message that he was supposed to stay and watch the baby for a while, because he was nowhere to be found. No, instead I found my sweet, precious little one alone, standing buck naked in the living room. His diaper was across the room. And there next to it lay a nice big pile of poo.

I have a strict policy that any day that involves getting on my hands and knees to scrub the carpet three times is automatically nominated for the bad day hall of fame.

So much for progress.

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  1. Laurie Clinger permalink
    September 11, 2008 1:57 pm

    That’s just too funny!! This will pass….. eventually. Oh the memories you will carry with you! LOL To make you feel better Isabelle (about 2 months ago) pooped in her underwear six times in one day. Now, you think I would gotten the point to put her in a diaper and been done with it but I had refused to buy more diapers….and she was gonna get the point (so I thought). These we average poops….one right after the other. I spent the entire day cleaning poopy underwear, refusing to throw them out since they were new. I would sit her on the toliet for at least 30 mins and as soon as she got up….”Oops….I sorry Mommy!” Meanwhile the boys dressed in their knight gear were sword fighting in the living room knocking over any decor I had and screaming at the top of their lungs…..”Victory!!” Ahhh…these are the days of our lives!! On a school note, I too was teaching plural and singular nouns yesterday! Hang in there….

  2. September 18, 2008 6:58 am

    That is laugh out loud funny! You are an awesome teacher & a great mom! You have a little brilliant one on your hand – God has given you an exceptional gift to handle…He must think an awful lot of you!!! ;o)

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