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a little quality time

November 8, 2008

I’m writing tonight from a hotel room in sleepy little Darien, Georgia.  While their daddy is spending the weekend training at Fort Stewart, the boys and I are using up a few thousand hotel points for a mini vacation.

Before dropping Eric off Friday night we all visited Fort King George together. It was fun and educational way to spend an afternoon. We’ve been studying the exploration of America for several weeks, so it was really cool to be able to take them to see the sight of the first permanent English settlement in Georgia.

This morning we drove to Jekyll Island to spend some time on the beach. It really is a nice little island. The people were very friendly and the beach was peaceful. It seems as if the residents there have managed to isolate their little world from the chaos and stress of the rest of the world. I have to say though, my favorite part was the island bookstore. I stopped in to find a book to keep me occupied on the beach. It reminded me of something you would see in a movie. The store is in a grand  Victorian house surrounded by huge oak trees. Onyx, the big friendly cat, hangs out on the wide sunny porch to greet all the visitors. Each room in the house is filled with a different category of books, the main parlor stocked with books about the South and Jekyll Island, from history to cookbooks. Upstairs in the fiction room I found the first book in the Mitford series by Jan Karon, which has been highly recommended by my friend Lauren. I really could have spent the whole day browsing that store. Of course the boys had to get to the beach, so I had to just breathe it all in and walk away.

We had a great time on the beach. The tide was out and the water was calm with miles of shallow sandbar for the boys to explore. There is something remarkably therapeutic about the sound of the ocean and a cool salty breeze. It was a little difficult to enjoy it fully knowing that my hubby was working hard out in the sun after a lousy night’s sleep on a plastic-covered bunk… but I managed. I had a hard time keeping my eyes on my book because I couldn’t help but watch in amazement as each of my boys explored the beach in his own unique way. My oldest scoured the island for wildlife, dead and alive, proudly bringing each discovery for me to appreciate. My 6 year old ran from one end of the beach to the other screaming and jumping and splashing – pure unconstrained childishness. The littlest one spent his time chasing seagulls and challenging the sea. He would run right up to the water, brave and tough, until he could see a wave coming his way. Then he would run back to me until he could work up the courage to try it again.

Tomorrow we’re heading to the waterfront park for a little more playtime for the boys and a little more relaxation for me. Then we’ll be off to pick up Daddy and to celebrate his birthday in Savannah. I’m hopeful that he can enjoy the rest of this weekend as much as I have enjoyed it so far.

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  1. November 9, 2008 10:25 pm

    Watch out you will absolutely love the Mitford books! I am rereading them and have the Mitford Bedside Companion – beside my bed : )

    Sounds like y’all are having a great get away! I grew up going to Jekyll and St. Simons each summer and know of that bookstore. We’ve been to Jekyll a couple times with the kids. Stayed at the St. Simons Inn at the lighthouse. You are making me want to hit the road.

    Thanks for the mini vacation via your post. Have fun!

  2. Diane Wright permalink
    November 14, 2008 12:47 pm

    Jan Karon invites you to visit her website at I think you will enjoy the site!

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