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sprouting blonde hairs by the second

January 15, 2009

I think rather than going gray as I approach 30, instead I am going blonde. No offense to my fair-haired friends out there. But let’s just go down the list of the dumb things I’ve done this week:

It all began Monday night just after Bible study when I pointed to a shiny object in the night sky and asked my pastor, husband, and others standing nearby what star or planet it might be. To which said pastor responds, “no, that would be a 767 heading to Hartsfield.” Oh. Okay then.

Yesterday I was attempting to make a couple loaves of  homemade bread. I’ve made the recipe in my bread machine countless times before… I make enough dough for two loaves in the bread machine and then bake in the oven. Well I thought I might experiment with the recipe and add in a couple eggs for extra protein and flavor. I forgot that eggs=liquid=adding more flour. I had to add almost an extra cup of flour into the machine to get the right consistency. I didn’t realize this was a problem until the dough was rising and it overflowed into the machine. Not a pretty picture.

Today has been an exiting culmination of ditzy behavior. I began the morning attempting to make cinnamon toast for my husband’s breakfast. When he tried to pick it up, all the cinnamon fell off because I had sprinkled it on the non-buttered side of the toast.

I left the box of frosted mini wheats out on the table after breakfast this morning and came in the kitchen to find the little one  going through the box, biting the frosted side off of the wheats and then putting them back in the box.

This afternoon I realized in horror that I had somehow mixed up names and addresses on the list of invites to a Southern Living at Home party that I’ll be hosting. So, if you received an invitation that was not addressed to you and I haven’t apologized to you yet, let me just take this opportunity to say I’m sincerely sorry.

While I was sending out the apology e-mails, I burned my lasagna. A lasagna that I worked extra hard to prepare in time for my husband to eat it before he had to go to school. I had forgotten that yesterday he told me he wouldn’t be home for dinner tonight. Well, at least he didn’t have to eat the burned lasagna.

I used to be smart. I promise.

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  1. January 15, 2009 11:47 pm

    It looked like a star to me too, but I am blond. 🙂

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